Israeli related patches to the Asterisk Open Source IPBX

Asterisk is an Open Source IPBX. This page contains experimental patches to adapt Asterisk to the Israeli Bezeq network. All these patches are used daily by us, but you mileage may very.

Please note that connecting telephony equipment to Bezeq network requires approval from the Ministery of Communication

Israeli tone zone support for the Zaptel driver

The Israeli Ministry of Communication has published a this document specifying the approved tone zones for the Israel Bezeq network. We used the document to construct a patch to the Zaptel driver to add support for the “il” tone zone based on this document. This patch was integrated into the Asterisk CVS version.

Get the patch here: zone-il.diff

Israeli land line SMS support

In 2004, Bezeq has introduced support SMS over land lines. The support is based on international ETSI standards which are described in this document.

Asterisk has had land line SMS support for some time, but we found out that certain tweaks were needed to get that support working with the Bezeq implementation.

At least one of these tweaks (hanging up after sending an SMS hangup request instead of relying on hangup detection to hang up the call) can be considered a bug in Asterisk, and might be useful for land line SMS implementations in other countries as well. This fix has also been introduced to the Asterisk CVS version.

You can get this patch here: sms-il.diff.

One more thing you’ll need to know to use land line SMS in Israeli in these two Bezeq service center numbers:

Outgoing: 14974800
Incoming: 036809900